We want (to read) your scripts! Scripting Aloud welcomes your script draft submissions throughout the year for our seasonal staged reading events, running from fall to spring, meeting the following criteria:

  • Representation: Submitted scripts must have a person of colour/mixed heritage represented as either a lead character, or as the writer/co-writer.
  • Length:
    • Short films/Webisodes/One-act stage plays: Suggested maximum submission length of 40 pages of formatted script
    • Feature-length films/Full-length stage plays: Suggested maximum submission length of 120 pages or less of formatted script
    • Teleplays: Suggested maximum submission length of 60 pages of formatted script
  • Source: All submitted material must be the original work of the submitting writer(s).
  • Age: All submitting writers must be 19+, including co-authored material.

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guidelines for performers:

Our writers need readers, so bring on your mad acting skills! Scripting Aloud welcomes actors interested in cold-reading scripts to attend our events, including performers of colour. This is serious work! Bring your A-Game and prep, prep, prep:

  • Arrive an hour to a half hour before event start, to sign up for cold-reading on the day.
  • If you like, bring a headshot/resume for casting reference (returned at the end of the event).
  • Individual writers/producers/directors will cast the readers for their own scripts. Some actors signed up to read, may not be cast.
  • Breakdowns, synopses/loglines, and cold reading cheat sheet provided on the day.

submission Guidelines for Scriptwriters:
  • There is no submission fee.
  • If you’re sending us more than one script, please submit them one at a time (thank you, it helps us logistically to keep submissions separate).
  • Please do not send in unformatted scripts, or scripts that are not in Word or PDF.
  • Submissions can be of any genre, and for any medium.
  • Please include a cover page with the script working title, writer/co-writer(s) name(s), and email contact information.
  • To submit, please fill out the Submission Form on this page (see below). If you have difficulty submitting with the form, please email quoting “Submission” in the subject line, and include:
    • Your name and contact information.
    • Confirm you are 19+.
    • How your submission fulfills the representation requirement, including either the character name and/or script writer/co-writer name (see criteria above).
    • Whether your script is original. At this time we only accept original material.
    • A logline, or short synopsis (maximum 50 words).
    • A character breakdown.
    • A preferred timeline to your proposed reading from date of submission, if any.
    • The preferred number of readers (may not correspond with your breakdown), and the number of performers you have pre-cast, if any.
    • The Word or PDF script draft attached.
  • Script selection, including of scripts with age-restricted content, is at the discretion of the script coverage / review committee.
  • Applicants can expect a status update about a month after submission, but please be patient with our programming team.
  • Due to a high volume of submissions, our programming team can’t provide feedback or coverage of submitted scripts.
If Your Script Is Accepted:
  • We’ll send you an email asking you to confirm:
    • Your interest in having your script read, and a release.
    • Availability for the proposed date for the reading.
  • Selected short (usually 40 pages or less) scripts will be read in full on the reading date.
  • Selected feature/full length or teleplay scripts that are more than 90 pages may be read in two or more sections, over consecutive monthly events.
  • Readings are scheduled to best accommodate the number and length of scripts received. Every effort will be made to accommodate your development/production timeline, if any.
  • If possible, please edit your draft to reduce or remove lengthy stage direction for the reading. Readers on the day will be asked to use discretion for stage direction, to maintain pace and flow.
  • Please bring on the day enough script copies for all planned readers. We will provide the readers with the cold read cheat sheet, the breakdown, and logline/synopsis.
  • Please arrive an hour before event start, to select your reader lineup and to provide them with any character or performance notes. The event will not start until all parts are cast.