Staged Readings. Original Scripts. Down Cold.

Have a script you want to hear read aloud? Want to work your performance skills through reading scripts cold? Interested in experiencing a creative vibe that’s welcoming and cross-cultural? Scripting Aloud is for you.

We’re a not-for-profit public cold-read script development platform and live staged reading event that helps develop original short- and long- form scripts for multiple channels and platforms — focusing on cross-cultural content, writers, and performers.


Scripting Aloud holds monthly staged reading events seasonally, from fall to spring, and other script and story development events — including workshops, panels, and screenings — in collaboration with partnering and sponsoring organizations.

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Scripting Aloud: Improv Edition! Saturday, May 25

Go way off-book! There are things scripted, and things improvised, and in-between are the doors…of scripted improv. Scripting Aloud’s next event Saturday, May 25 explores the space between tightly scripted material, and unstructured improv – with outlined scenarios from THE PRODIGAL FATHER (feature, dramedy) by Ronin Wong. Plenty of room to play? You’re right! Local …

Scripting Aloud! Monday, Mar 18 reads SMOKE + NIGHT TERRORS

Beware the Ides of March! And get thee to Scripting Aloud’s next staged reading Monday, March 18, of two short scripts: SMOKE, an original one-act stage play (drama) written by Beau Han Bridge; and NIGHT TERRORS, an original one-act stage play (drama) written by Grace Chin. Local creators in attendance. Reader casting on the day …

Scripting Aloud! Monday, Feb 18 reads PAINTED FACES

Happy Family Day! Since it’s technically a holiday, we’re keeping it short for our staged reading Monday, February 18 of PAINTED FACES, an original web series pilot script (comedy/drama) written by Kyle D’Odorico. Local creator/writer in attendance. Reader casting on the day from 5:30 pm (arrive early/on time!). Script reading from 6:30 pm.  $2 Membership* …